DeGen Medical announced the FDA clearance of E3 MIS™ Modular Pedicle Screw System

8 Modular Spine Systems to Know…!

Modular Spine Systems: Do they really have advantages? Spine systems with modular head screws have had many followers as well as many detractors. Most of those who criticize these systems, distrust the fixation of the heads and especially when they are under significant stress. But it is true that today the reliability of most of the modular systems on the market is great and on the other hand, the advantages that they provide are important such as: Modular Spinal Systems increase options for distraction, optimize visualization, allow a better decortication, and can be implanted via a conventional open approach, midline, or minimally invasive. Modularity also, eliminates tulip interference throughout the procedure.

For these reasons many companies have already launched the option of modular screws as Globus (Creo AMP), or Nuvasive (Reline MAS Midline).

But today we want to highlight the following 8 relevant modular systems: